EEHack 4.7 Release

Released the latest version as 4.7 (forget that minor version stuff!)

More stable, better tooltips, more settings, etc.

Download it now!

  • Fix bug that prevented ‘silence extra modules’ setting from working
  • Fix bug that sometimes prevented ‘dump ram’ setting from working
  • Stop counting errors during initial connection (unnatural serial events may be normal…)
  • Allow crazy values in linear voltage to AFR mapping (for lambada or edge cases)
  • Seperate left and right BLM values in the closed loop performance analyzer
  • Fix some tooltips and stuff
  • Parameter selector now defaults to ‘Extended’
  • Add option to always draw the dashboard
  • Tabs in settings to make room for more settings in the future

2 thoughts on “EEHack 4.7 Release”

  1. Hi Steve.

    I just bricked my PCM tonight.
    I can’t remember the exact error unless EEHack 4.7 logs error to disk, Laptop is off atm.

    EEHack flashed the E Side then errored & tried several times.
    It said “something like” coms software is in ram & PCM needs reseting.
    Reset PCM & fans run when ignition is turned on.

    I tried to reflash & it errors with a mode 13 security key, This could be a glitch, try again.
    then it says all is well and stops.

    If there are logs recorded, I’ll have another look tomorrow and give you specifics.

    Mitch (Terminal_Crazy)

  2. hi i tried downloading eehack and running it on windows 8. it says it downloads but wont open. I get a windows error about spelling it differently. and the destination file could not be made. and idea on what I can do to get this to work with my system.

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