Development Break

EEHack has been a large project for me, and it’s met and exceeded most of its original goals, and added many that I never planned for.  A tool that was just supposed to control timing advance now flashes bins (at least sometimes…..), analyzes data and makes tuning suggestions, graphs dynamically, and is extensible via definition files.  I don’t even like thinking about how many hours I’ve put into it.

So, I’ve sold my Trans Am and I’m taking a break from major EEHack feature development

This isn’t the end.  I’m happy to keep maintaining the software, fixing bugs, and adding features as my users required.  Also I’ll get another GM car later, but it’ll probably be a V6 (which is a good thing, since it’ll drive me to add V6 support).

For now, I’m going to play in antique Bosch/Toyota land.  It’ll be like a vacation.


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