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EEHack Windows 32 bit Installer

Download “EEHack Windows Installer”

eehack4.9.3-install.zip – Downloaded 31660 times – 11.00 MB

Requires Windows 7 Minimum (unsupported), Windows 10 recommended.  Recommend an FTDI USB based ALDL cable.

Separate Flash Tool – NEW!

The built in flash tool in EEHack is now obsolete and has been replaced by the far superior flashhack.

I felt it was time to remove the old flash tool as the new separate one may be much safer, and will allow EEHack to focus on what it does best – datalogging and control.

Get flashhack here:

Download “flashhack (for Windows)”

flashhack_1.2.zip – Downloaded 13874 times – 12.64 MB

Download Source Code

Download “EEHack Stable Source”

eehack4.9.3-src.zip – Downloaded 11519 times – 513.23 KB

EEHack is written in C++ and QT.  QT is, among other things, a compatibility layer that allows C++ programs to run unmodified on lots of different operating systems.

This means it should run on any operating system that QT supports, if it has a QSerialPort driver available.  Many people are running EEHack on their Linux systems.

WARNING!! In a Linux system, it requires QT 5.6 or greater due to serial baud rate issues in older versions.

Testing and Bug Reports

This program is distributed with no warranty and I assume zero liability if something goes wrong.

That said, please help me find bugs.  The about tab has my email address, if you’d like to contact me directly and confidentially.