$EEHack Features and Screenshots

This program was designed to aid tuners of 1994-1995 LT1 engines in Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes, and others.  It is loaded with various features to help get the most out of your ECM, new tuners and experienced ones alike should find it useful.

Some highlights include:

  • Simultaneously log, analyze, playback, and graph hundreds of parameters with only a few clicks of the mouse.  Purpose built AFR and knock analyzers.  Make instant use of massive amounts of logged data to make appropriate tuning decisions.
  • And the real killer feature, temporarily adjust timing advance, shift gears, change idle speed, change AFR, enter closed loop, and much, much more in real-time!  This will save you many hours of screwing around and re-flashing.

I first created this program to have an easy way to manipulate ignition timing, to speed up timing table development, a goal which was reached easily enough, but I wanted more.

It has grown into tens of thousands of lines of code.

The only thing it doesn’t do is the tuning itself, but I have you covered for that too:  It is a perfect counterpart to Tunerpro and EEx as well as flashhack for a completely free $EE tuning suite.

Best of all, it’s not only free but it’s open source, so it can be easily modified for your own purposes.


EEHack Features (4.0+)

Data Acquisition and Playback (From ECM)

  • Tuning driven dashboard displays only engine parameters useful for advanced tuning.  No air conditioning or traction control junk, just fuel, spark, air, idle, etc.
  • Expanded data display will record and manage data from every aspect of the LT1 datastream including corvette OBD-II codes and onboard electrical diagnostic flags
  • Full-time data recording — If you’re connected, you’re logging (unless you turn it off, of course).
  • Save data to disk in a special compact raw format or CSV export
  • Optionally load multiple logs into the buffer for playback and analysis
  • Accelerated acquisition mode replaces corvette’s useless second OBD-II message with increased acq rate available (requires patch)
  • Displays DTC error codes with both numbers and descriptions
  • Open loop AFR target display (requires patch)
  • Wideband O2 linear input from AC or Pin D27 with simplified two-point arbitrary configuration, presets, and optional smoothing
  • Read entire BLM cell memory set directly from ECM
  • Display BLM/INT as RAW or as percentage with optional precision and round-to-zero

Real-time parameters (To ECM)

  • Skews timing advance in real-time as addition/subtraction from programmed value on a slider, with a 5 degree safety switch
  • Automatically modify timing per-region with a 3×3 map/rpm “Autospark”
  • Disable arbitrary injectors per-cylinder to test cylinder strength
  • Automated cylinder strength test with bar graphs representing the relative strength of each cylinder by analyzing MAP and RPM behavior during cylinder disable
  • Override idle target RPM or move IAC stepper motor directly
  • Force closed/open loop
  • Force BLM learn enable/disable
  • Force fans, A/C compressor, AIR pump enable/disable
  • Force gear selection and TCC lock/unlock
  • Clear DTC error codes
  • Reset BLM cell data
  • Onboard notepad with snapshot buttons to note the conditions when you’ve found ideal values
  • Custom command insertion with automatic checksum and length calculation, single-shot or loop mode
  • Actuate EGR valve
  • Change line pressure

Data Graphing

  • Two graphs with synchronized scrolling/zooming, each with two selectable numerical paramters and one ‘overlay’ binary parameter
  • Select data from any datastream message
  • Drag/mousewheel for move/zoom control
  • Double-click graph to jump to display record

Static Data Analysis Module

  • Very fast “One-click” analyzer has sane default settings, and rarely requires configuration
  • Cell-based ‘real average’ closed loop trim analyzer will analyze BLMs in MAF and VE scope
  • Cell-based ‘open loop in wideband’ analyzer will analyze average AFR or percentage of error (if patch applied) in MAF and VE scope
  • Separate idle AFR analysis with MAP and MAF average
  • Power enrichment AFR analysis with Wideband
  • Knock scatter chart shows per-event knock magnitude, location, power enrichment status, with hover-over each knock event for more details
  • O2 performance (min, max, cross count) analyzer
  • BLM cell population and range analyzer

And much more that i’m forgetting about!