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This tool will “Tune” a mildly modified LT1 engine, using basic and fairly safe tuning techniques that I’ve learned.  I made it because a lot of people were asking me to help tune very simple things on their cars.  This tool only generates F-Body bins.

This is not a very good tool.  It does not touch automatic transmission tables or shift points, so results with an automatic transmission with a modified gear ratio may be awful.

I recommend reading the existing bin file from your ecm using the software BEFORE you flash, so you can put it back in case something goes wrong.

Vehicle Year

Transmission Type

“Deleted” Equipment
Select the following check boxes to ‘tune out’ a particular item.
Delete EGR
Delete AIR Pump This doesn’t hurt even on a stock engine.
Disable Skip Shift aka CAGS (Manual Trans Only)
Disable Traction Control
Delete Air Conditioning
Delete EVAP aka Charcoal Canister Purge
Disable VATS Security System Fuel fix only, doesn’t solve VATS starter kill.

Changes in tire size can affect speedo calibration too, but it should be pretty close.
2.73 (most stock autos)
3.42 (most stock manuals)

This is actually based on how far your oxygen sensors are from the stock location… so if you have special headers, choose based on o2 distance.
Stock Manifolds
“Shorty” Headers
“Midtube” Headers or longtubes with o2s that barely even required extensions
“Long-tube” Headers with o2 sensors way the hell under the car

Stock Thermostat, Leave it alone
Stock Thermostat, But lower fan temps a bit anyway
160 Degree Thermostat

Fuel Choice
Stock 91 Gasoline or E5 (leave it alone)
E10 (10% ethanol fuel)

Stock Injectors or generic 24lb/hr injectors

Heavy Throttle Fueling
Warning: These should be used only on a known healthy engine, with a good fuel pump, good fuel filter, and all sensors working properly.
Consistent wide open throttle fueling “BLM Locker”
More powerful wide open throttle fueling

Cruising Fuel
Leave non-wide open throttle fueling alone
Improve fuel economy
Slightly richer in some areas

Ignition Timing
Warning: Some timing tables may be more aggressive than stock, and should only be used on a healthy engine with good quality fuel and a functional knock sensor.
Stock F-Body timing (safe for stock-like cams)
Slightly aggressive timing (for stock-like cams) (91+ Octane Recommended!)
More aggressive timing (for stock-like cams) (93+ Octane Recommended!)

Stock F-Body Idle
Improved idle for mild cams

Automatic Transmission
Leave transmission tuning alone