EEX Definition

This is my XDF (Bin Definition) to enhance tuning $EE based vehicles (1994-1995 LT1s) with TunerPro, Mark Mansur’s excellent free tuning software.

The XDF is what tells tunerpro about the available variables in a particular type of bin file, and how to display and work with them.

I’ve spent many hundreds of hours not just researching and defining new variables, but renaming things, and making comments and documentation to make tuning this platform easier, both for advanced and novice tuners.

Besides my own research, many other hackers (mostly from gearhead-efi) have discovered new variables, such as o2 timing, stall savers, and timing adders, and I’ve worked hard to make sure they’re available to you.

Parameters that aren’t useful for real tuning don’t make it into EEX.  This is for tuning, not research.

As tunerpro is free, and this XDF is free, and flashhack and eehack are free, that means 94-95 LT1 engines may now be tuned for free (with an aldl cable of course).  It is possible that it’s the cheapest gm EFI platform to tune in terms of hardware and software required.

You should place TunerPro in ‘Category’ view mode to get all of the benefits of the organzation in this XDF.

Download “EEX XDF LT1 Definition file” – Downloaded 24412 times – 64.58 KB

Some support may be available for this definition file in the fbodytech support forums.

If you want even more parameters, a friend over at has created a fork of EEX called “EEXtra”, with tons of extra stuff in it (most of it probably useless to the average tuner).


Many of the parameters in the EEX XDF
Many of the parameters in the EEX XDF