tablehack is a new tool for analyzing datalogs and working with tables.

Over the years I have made a lot of little c++ based tools for my own purposes, usually to fill in gaps in the software I’ve been using.  It doesn’t compare tables?  Doesn’t graph?  I’ll just write something.  Even if there are already tools that do these things, it’s for fun and education.

This project kind of squishes them together into a single utility with a useable front end.  It is a non-destructive tool that is designed to be used alongside other tools to accomplish tasks more quickly, mostly by copy/pasting the table data as required.

Having written a half-assed log analyzer, I’d always wanted something for arbitrary data analysis that I liked.  So, instead of buying something like megalogviewerhd for 50 bucks I went ahead and spent a million hours screwing around and stitching my own tools together.

It is good at coming up with answers to simple questions about large datalogs, as well as doing some interesting stuff with tables, and I have found it much faster to use than spreadsheets for most tuning tasks, as I tend to write software that accomplishes large tasks with minimal user input.

One thing that it does that is very useful especially for people tuning certain ECMs such as subarus is bilinear table interpolation, so it can effectively expand and contract table dimensions anywhere in the axis, making it very helpful for repurposing tables from different ECMs or configurations.  It can also compare tables with very different axis values.

It imports table dimensions from most TunerPro XDF tables as well (as tunerpro does not allow copy/paste of their table axises, and typing is stupid)

  • Quickly generate average/min/max/count 3d data against datalog(s) with various filters.
  • Create/copy/paste tables and perform operations on them.
  • Compare tables in various ways.
  • Interpolate data between various table layouts
  • Simple plotting and graphing of data 2d/3d/etc

This bloated release is for 64 bit windows only just in case you wanted to load a terabyte sized csv file for some reason.

It has crazy things like an embedded SQL engine and OpenGL support for future expansion.

It is written in QT specifically for QT6+ and can be recompiled for any operating system that QT runs on, including Linux, Freebsd, and MacOS, or win32 if you want.

It is not finished and might crash, good luck!  It is under active development too so check back for updates often

Download “tablehack Beta (windows 64 bit)” – Downloaded 6259 times – 24.47 MB