EEHack and Windows 10 Bugs

Some users are finding problems with Windows 10 and EEHack, especially the autospark system.

For the time being, please run EEHack in ‘Compatibility Mode’ if you use Windows 10, and avoid the autospark system.

I’ll try to install Win 10 in a virutal machine and track down the problem before the next release.

Flash almost ready!

I’ve tested flash write capability with some success. I won’t release it officially until it’s tested a bit more completely, but we’re very close to having the first FREE ecm programming tool for this platform.

It also selectively writes t-side or e-side, meaning small changes could take half as long to flash (and carry half as much risk).

If you want to try the latest beta and risk your ECM, here you go, let me know how it works out!

[Download not found]

Stay tuned…