Flashhack 1.6 Beta

This new beta is a bit different from the ‘stable’ version of flashhack.  It should be equally as stable.

One thing is the new features involving writing directly to the on-processor eeprom memory on EE are enabled.  For the average user this means that the set vin and set calibration ID buttons are gone, and those are now set automatically from values in the bin you are flashing.  For more advanced users it means you can store tables there and stuff.

I made some changes to bin read that hopefully solve some problems for people that were experiencing them.

It also uses a newer version of the QT libraries, and is compiled only for 64 bit processors because if you don’t have a 64 bit processor by now, I can’t really support your old hunk of junk computer anyway.


Download “Flashhack Beta 64 Bit”

flashhack_1.6_beta.zip – Downloaded 1802 times – 11.17 MB