Flashhack – Unable to install recovery rom errors

Q: While using flashhack with my LT1, I get an error about being unable to install the recovery rom on the t-side or e-side.  Why does this happen, and what should I do?

A: With LT1 ecms, by default, we modify some code before writing it to the ECM, and also change the order that the programming is written. This should, in most cases, allow the ECM to remain bootable most of the time if something goes horribly wrong during the flash procedure.  This helps only in rare cases of stupidity like someone turning the key off on your car while programming.  It’s called the recovery rom.

These warnings pop up for you because the area of code we are modifying is not as expected, and since anything could happen if we don’t understand your existing ECM code, we ‘play it safe’ and forbid installation of the recovery rom.

If you get this error, your bin may have code patches installed in it, or may be an uncommon revision from GM.  Modifying a common bin using ordinary tuning procedures should not trigger this error, nor should really common patches such as the ones in EEX.

You can either change to a bin that is unmodified in those areas, or uncheck the option ‘Install recovery rom on …’ in the parameters.  Make sure nobody disconnects power from the ECM until your flash is successful.