Winter 2021 projects

There are a few projects that are in the works right now

Flashhack is still under development.  Three cool things have happened:

  • It reprograms 1994-1995 (and maybe 1993 too?) Corvette CCM EEPROM.  This generally requires physical access to the CCM, but you don’t actually have to touch any chips
  • It can reprogram the onboard EEPROM regions of EE ECMs.  This could be very useful as it’s 100% safe to write (no bricking) and changes can be made very quickly.  The feature is built but I haven’t released the new version pending applications of this technology.
  • Some folks are forking flashhack to attempt to restart work on the 1996-1997 (OBD-II) ECMs.

I’m also writing a better data analyzer suite.

Trimalyzer was full of good intentions, to be both an advanced tool and to be idiot proof where a new tuner could simply load a log file from any tool and press analyze to get a good set of VE table changes, but that design has limited its usefulness.  Stay tuned on that one.