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  1. Sometimes when I do a run I will have someone in the car watching graphs. The problem I am having is they have to continually click “Max Zoom” and “Re-Plot” to be able to see close to live data. When I first connect it stays live and zooms out with the black line. Only after I add some parameters does it stop following. Is this normal or just me? I have tried windows 8.1 and 10 Anv. Ill try adding parameters before I connect.

    • i never really intended graphing to be used for precise data review while logging..

      as such, replotting doesnt happen every time a new data point is added and the graph doesnt necessarily scroll automatically – in other words graphing isnt totally ‘live’

      this could be fixed

      • Thanks! Its not a big deal for me, I’m always the driver :D.

        I have on more question – On your cylinder balance test, Is it normal for cylinders towards the front to be lower than the rear? I saw a screenshot of another persons test and it looked close to mine. My cylinder 1 is always way lower. I did find and fix my bad cylinder 8 using your tool.

        Here is an example of two of my tests. I wasn’t purposely trying to fix cyl #1/2 -just doing a tuneup. This was after new plugs, wires, optispark, and ground cleaning.

        Before Tuneup taken just before FAN1 ON

        CYL1=13.9 CYL2=14.9
        CYL3=14.7 CYL4=14.7
        CYL5=14.8 CYL6=15.3
        CYL7=15.5 CYL8=15.3

        After Opti, plugs, wires, WP, LongTube, lowered fan temp

        CYL1=11.4 CYL2=12.3
        CYL3=14.4 CYL4=14.2
        CYL5=14.3 CYL6=14.6
        CYL7=14.4 CYL8=14.9

        I’m trying to chase down a misfire at warm idle. I guess I don’t know how much weight I should give this test?

  2. Steve,

    I downloaded the aldl-io-1.5.tar.gz and went to install it but getting an error that the rflib/rflib.h file is missing. I checked the directory and sure enough, it’s not there. Any idea what to do?

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