2020 Development continues…

Due to a generous donation that got me another test ECM, EEHack development continues with a fresh test bench, socketed up ready to go and communicating with the cheapest FTDI device china has to offer (which is really all you need to tune an LT1, you know)

Thank you to Mogielski and all the other supporters that have kept me motivated to keep working on this platform over the years even without having an LT1.

I plan on separating the flash tool from EEHack entirely and making a better one that will support other ECMs as well.

4 thoughts on “2020 Development continues…”

  1. i am have so much trouble trying to contact steve. I am in need of help badly, i am having trouble with mode 13 when trying to flash my ecm. i have a 95 firebird lt1 that has a 96 motor swapped into it. PLZ HELP (sad face)

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