Comparsion of $EE Dataloggers


  • Free!
  • Logs all useful engine and transmission data
  • Reads and clears ABS and SIR codes
  • Records and exports log files
  • Test IAC, idle target, A/C, AIR, ABS, other actuator tests
  • Advanced electrical faults readout
  • Simple 4 channel data graph (Large)
  • Retrieves VIN, CAL ID, lots of other info
  • Supports 1993 LT1 engines too

TunerPro RT

  • Free! (With nag screen, and registration reccommended)
  • Some beginners find configuration difficult (but highly customizable)
  • Integrated data tracing and bin editing (hilight active cells in tuning tables)
  • Can potentially read/log/display ANY datastream element (depends on ADX)
  • Multiple graphing (requires manual configuration)
  • Customizable dashboard (requires manual configuration)
  • Running average history table analysis (no record filtering capability)
  • Can tweak ANY engine parameter available in the mode 4 message (like eehack), but only to fixed pre-defined values in ADX, and new commands clear all previous ones. Requires datasheets and manual configuration, so difficult to use for many practical purposes.
  • Wideband input no problem (requires raw configuration, knowledge of datastream, and some math)
  • .. It also edits bins!


  • Free!  (And open source) (beer money appreciated)
  • Highly portable, Windows version is well supported and tested but can run on Linux or MacOS with some work.  Source code available.
  • Displays and logs a huge variety of parameters, including some that can be patched in, such as Target AFR.  No ABS/SIR codes at this time.  “Fast” mode with increased acq rate available.
  • ‘Dashboard’ display for common parameters plus four user-defined parameters, as well as tabs with all data listed in table format, with optional ‘view level’ filters.
  • Real-time testing.  Temporarily skew timing advance in real-time for ‘by feel’ tuning or research, either manually or automatically with 3×3 map/rpm “AutoSpark” table. Temporarily set forced AFR target, arbitrary idle target or iac steps, closed loop, BLM learn, fans, auto trans geras, TCC, etc. in real time
  • Disable arbitrary injectors per-cylinder manually, or run an automated test that estimates cylinder balance.
  • Wideband O2 input two-point arbitrary configuration, presets, and optional smoothing, both using AC pressure and another unused pin.
  • Onboard notepad with limited parameter snapshotting
  • Full-time data recorder with optional log stacking. If you’re connected, you’re logging, all the time.
  • Proprietary log format for storing logs (stores extended data)  or CSV data output format.
  • Custom ‘raw’ command insertion with automatic checksum and length calculation, single-shot or loop mode
  • Two large synchronized anti-aliased graphs.  Can highlight graph areas with binary values such as closed loop enabled, wide open throttle, fan on, etc.
  • Very fast static parametric ‘one-click’ fuel and knock analyzer suite:
    • Global coolant or timestamp restrictions
    • Cellular BLM/INT trims or wideband REAL average in both VE MAP/RPM and MAF AFGS scope
    • Power enrichment analysis in rpm vs map
    • o2 performance analyzer
    • Seperate idle trim bank display
    • BLM population and range analysis
  • Reads and sets arbitrary VIN to any 17 digit string and CAL ID
  • Flash READ with or without RAM section
  • Flash WRITE with optional T/E side selection, bin compare feature with auto-save, 0xFF compression, aggressive failure recovery, and passive datalog-enhancing patch insertion
  • … More.

TTS Datamaster

  • Is now discontinued and unsupported
  • Retails for approx $120
  • Logs all useful engine data
  • Logs all useful transmission data
  • Custom RAW parameter definition, for widebands etc
  • Simple ‘running average’ BLM histogram analyzer
  • Clears DTC codes
  • Retrieves VIN number
  • Saves CSV logs (configurable)
  • Simple 4 channel data graph (Small)


  • Classic program works well on very old PCs, but no longer supported and has trouble on newer versions of windows…