EEHack 4.9 Release!

Well it might not be perfect, but it’s better than what we had before (and it’s been AGES since I’ve released a new version) so here’s a fresh new official “somewhat stable” version of EEHack.

I really want to get it out there so I can start working on more dramatic features for the next version, and also prove that EEHack development is not dead.

I’d highly recommend updating to this new version for higher connection stability, better analysis, and better adapting to modern operating systems with different pixel densities and user interfaces.

Download it here:

11 thoughts on “EEHack 4.9 Release!”

  1. is the 30lb injector option gonna be fixed on robotune anytime? didnt realize i could not click the option before i bought new injectors. just trying to figure all this out. mite not even be in the right webpage idk

    • The robotune thing is quite old and I don’t plan on enabling any of the missing stuff.
      It’s really easy to tune your injectors, though, in fact everything in the robotune service is very easy to do with free tools.
      Download TunerPRO (free).
      Download EEX xdf file (free, from this site).
      Load your current bin and the xdf file into tunerpro.
      Change the thing that says ‘view by’ in the top left corner to ‘parameter category’ (optional but makes it easier to find things)
      Now under ‘air fuel metering’, change the ‘injector flow rate’ to 30lbs
      … and then file > save
      It’s a good idea to get the data sheet for your injectors and change the ‘injector voltage offsets’ too…

    • of course. 64 bit windows versions all support 32 bit software

      there will probably never be a 64 bit release of eehack however you can compile one yourself, as it’s open source. it’s possible things might not work as expected and there’s no reason to do so as it’ll never use so much ram

  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask a question……actually 2 questions.
    Just found your site today. This is exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks.

    Will this $EEHACK run on Win10?
    Where do I get an ODB to USB cable? I can’t find one. (1995 Corvette)

    Thank you

  3. Steve – My ehack suddenly stopped running on Win7. I am getting error “ehack has stopped working” and crashes on program start. Appears to be loading def-1 when it does. Any ideas what is going on here?

    Thanks – Pat

  4. Steve i am getting an error in windows:

    Error at line number 1
    Wrong number of fields

    Any idea? I cant run ehack and I used to be able to. not sure why



  5. Mr. Steve, I want to use EEHACK on my Windows XP laptop but the setup file won’t execute. The error says: install.exe is not a valid win32 app.
    I’ve read online comments written in 2017 that EEHACK won’t run on XP but I thought I read where this version download will. Ver 4.9.1 I have an old Dell Latitude D505 with XP Pro SP3. Intel Celeron M Processor, 1500 Mhz, 1.50 Ghz, 2G ram, I downloaded the program yesterday, 4/1/2020. I don’t have a newer laptop I can use. My wife has it, haha. I can use CATS Winflash but want to use your program to download the bin.file and after edit with TunerPro upload back into a 16188051 1994 PCM. I have a 1994 LT1 engine I’m working on for a standalone setup. Am I out of luck? Thank you.

  6. Hello, has anyone had an issue with the eehack failing to connect to the cars ecm? I have the latest 4.9 installed and I hit connect after the ignition is turned on and it cannot find the ecm. Thanks

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