New EEHack beta 4.8

If you’d like to preview the next version of EEHack, here you go. Includes source. I think it’s quite an improvement over the last version both in interface and stability

Here are some of the changes

Combine the launcher and datalog window as the primary window, I always liked it better that way
Major UI overhaul to fix scaling and performance issues with dashboard and other modules
.. Use more dynamic layouts in most areas
.. Analyzer and autospark not done yet, but still functional
Ensure packet checksums are actually checked everywhere
Allow multiple graphing windows to be opened at once (just click the graph button again)
Add timestamp to moouseover of each knock event in analyzer
Fix a bug that prevented the ‘bad checksum’ override for bin reading to fail
Fix colored field indicator operation in dashboard for high/low conditions in the definition file
Fix hard crash when selecting custom dashboard parameter with no parameter selected
Code cleanup to fix compliation with newer QT versions
Maybe fix a bug that causes flash write to fail sometimes (initial connect timer)
Allow multiple log selections in the load log dialog
Dropping github RCS so remove references to it in ‘about’ dialog
Fix minor bug that prevented settings from propogating to the dashboard

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