New Site

Old site – ugly and hard to maintain, and nowhere to comment or post anything.

This site – took 5 minutes to make with wordpress.


4 thoughts on “New Site”

  1. Thanks for all the work that you’ve done. I’ve used Datamaster for years and I’ll try yours this weekend. I have a 94 Camaro that I’ve been working with for the last 10 years. Solomon has been the only tuner that I’ve met that knows more than me about tuning LT1’s, and I don’t know much. I heard that you don’t have a wideband…

    • thanks always nice to have someone else to try my tools out! I don’t have a wideband, my current car is kind of a beater, mild cam and intake/ exhaust only and I tuned wot by feel. actually my tune is perfect, so all the tools I make are only just for experimentation…

  2. Thank you Steve! Great work your doing for us. It has really helped me nail down spark and fuel trim. I really like the graph because it’s easy to read and very helpful when going over data. I have done a lot of testing regarding the cyl balance tool. I’ve flashed many Ind Fuel Trims at 0% taking cyl temp w/infrared vs the balance test to compare these. I’ll hopefully have some helpful info soon. Keep it up Steve !!

    • glad to hear, the balance tool is not working well for most users despite being good in theory. I plan to rewrite it soon. glad to have another user, please feel free to make any comments or feature requests.

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