Now packaging Linux64 build

With the direction that Windows is moving in, I believe that Linux is the future for many oldschool ECM tuners.

One cool thing about EEHack is that it runs almost effortlessly in Linux, being written in QT.  One of our more advanced users and beta testers, Brian, uses Linux almost exclusively with each new release and has reported no major issues.

The major hitch in that plan is that EEHack requires QT 5.6 due to some issues with serial ports in older versions, which is a brand new thing, and most distributions don’t package it yet.

So, to assist users in installing EEHack on their 64-bit linux systems without having to compile or install or whatever, I’ve decided to provide a generic package for Linux users.  Sorry, 32-bit guys, providing two packages is too much work.

It requires no installation, no root access, and should simply ‘unpack and run’.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

[Download not found]

3 thoughts on “Now packaging Linux64 build”

  1. Great that, eehack runs ok on Debian (jessie), had just done a fresh install of Debian on an HP-G61 laptop. Good to see avoidance of M$. No serial port on this machine though, USB would be nice. 1995 Buick Park Ave Ultra stock BCC -BKKF needed if anyone has the .bin file. Thanks

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