EEHack 4.5.2 Released

Taking a small break from EEHack development (since I don’t have an LT1 at the moment).

I’ve decided to release the current build.

It’s really stable but I’ve labeled the new y-body and b-body connection features as ‘experimental’ as they don’t seem to work for anyone yet.  I hope to get that stuff working soon.  For now, though, unplugging the fuses for any CCM/BCM modules seems to enable a stable connection so you can at least flash.

Download it here!

There’s also a new version of the EEX XDF, with some improvements to the automatic transmission stuff.

2 thoughts on “EEHack 4.5.2 Released”

  1. Hey I’m a little new to tuning. Got a question on eehack I used it to do some tuning on my 94 lt1. I data loged it changed the injector pulse width for some reason it locked both BLMs at 128. Put old tune back in loged it and they still are locked. Am I missing something ?

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