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I get a lot of comments posted directly to this site asking for support for EEHack.

If you want to get help with EEHack in any way, please join and ask there.  It’s the only way.  I will not answer comments on this site anymore, I just don’t have time due to my other projects.

3 thoughts on “EEHack support”

  1. I tried the Flashhack, but ain’t making any sense to me.
    Invalid device
    Failed to put Tside in programming mode
    Herbal cannot be loaded
    In a loop that says
    Reconnecting to ALDL, please wait
    Successfully connected to the ALDL bus
    So weird!
    I have screen shots but can’t post them here.

  2. Good Day. Just registered to this site as recommended from ImpalaSSforum.
    I am troubleshooting and maybe tune once it’s running.
    1995 Impala SS OBD1 Connector (rectangle 12 pin?) not trapezoid shaped OBD2 port
    I have old ALDI cable but my PC is dead. Need to save $ for new PC
    The cable is 12 pin OBD1 (GM TYPE) to a 25 pin trapezoid connector (male) and the 2nd adapter is the 25 pin trapezoid connector (female) to USB that would go to my laptop. This isn’t like the newer 12 pin direct to USB plug.
    Meantime wanted to know info on program to ensure I get adequate PC to support.
    I’m no cyber guy (wrench guy) so in english what are the requirements. I see on some downloads they say what computer specs are needed for download.
    I’m an apple guy (no need think) but I’m sure linus don’t work on Macbook.
    I thought maybe the cheaper tablet may work but they are somewhat limited compared to a PC Laptop, but i don’t know since not a cyber guy. Maybe they are equally powerful.

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