Forum phase-out

The small forum I created to help with EEHack support was never intended to generate much traffic… but it did, and it was mostly spammers and data harvesters.

Keeping spam out takes too much time, so I’m going to phase out the forum.

If you need support for EEHack, Trimalyzer, or other stuff on this site, I’m only too happy to help, email me.  My email address is in the about screens of my programs.

Or better yet, just talk to the guys on (I frequent that forum too)

I’ll move all of the EEHack FAQ questions somewhere else on the site.

6 thoughts on “Forum phase-out”

    • i’m pretty sure it wont work on windows 2000, sorry. you might be able to install an older version of QT and recompile it, but i’d recommend just getting a windows xp or better machine, people give them away these days.

    • i might never get around to that. tuning for gears with automatic cars also involves tuning transmission points, which i’m not very good at (and is a very personal thing). i’d recommend you download tunerpro and do it yourself

  1. HI

    There is “Fuel Choise” E85 (85% ethanol fuel) on Free Online Tuning Service with comment “EXPERIMENTAL contact me if you want to try this”
    Fuel is very expensive here in Finland, but E85 is approx 30-40 Eurocents cheaper than E95/E98. Don’t have your contact information. so writing here. I have 95 LT1 Camaro and want to change car so that it will run E85.
    What are your recommendations for this, tuning, other that normal spark plugs ….

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