Trimalyzer updated

I recently went and fixed (the totally broken) arbitrary input mode for trimalyzer.

What arbitrary input mode does is take a tool designed to analyze BLM trims and allow it to analyze ‘whatever’ vs rpm vs map.  I’d originally added it so people could analyze their wideband AFRs against their VE table, but you could really use it for a lot of things..

Willing to add other stuff to trimalyzer if anyone has any suggestions..

1 thought on “Trimalyzer updated”

  1. Haven’t see this info online.

    Should data be recorded for Trimalyzer in MAF mode or VE mode?
    I’m assuming the desired theoretical analysis would be for 0 changes needed. What would real world results look like?

    What are good numbers on the cylinder balance test? What’s a good e.g. allowable differential between cylinders?

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