Thanks for the beer

I just wanted to write a quick note to all of the users of my software that found a few bucks to send to my beer fund.

I’m not a professional programmer, and through your generosity, I know you all appreciate the ridiculous amount of time I’ve put into writing this oddball code for rare ECMs in a cold, dirty, low-budget basement electronics lab.

Just so you know, this does not just pay for beer, alongside the few google ads we put up here, it also pays most of my web hosting bills so this stuff can be available to everyone.  It also pays for the odd meal out so my wife isn’t too upset about the time I spend on these projects.

As long as you’re all interested, I’ll keep going with this stuff.

Flashhack P66

Flashhack keeps getting better, thanks to everyone that’s helped me test it.

P66 V6 development has been very slow, since I don’t actually have an ECM to test with, but thanks to some back and forth it seems to be working well.  It shares a lot of code with the LT1 flash tool so I’d expect it to be quite reliable.

I have not removed the ‘for bench test only’ warning for the P66 but if you’re brave please ignore it and give it a try, let me know how it goes


My new LT1 flash tool definitely seems ready for everyday use, but does need more widespread testing.  I would be really suprised if we ever see an accidently bricked ECM with this tool and feel it’s the safest 1994-1995 LT1 flash tool ever (…no warranty though)

It has P66 V6 support coming soon too.


EEHack support

I get a lot of comments posted directly to this site asking for support for EEHack.

If you want to get help with EEHack in any way, please join and ask there.  It’s the only way.  I will not answer comments on this site anymore, I just don’t have time due to my other projects.

2020 Development continues…

Due to a generous donation that got me another test ECM, EEHack development continues with a fresh test bench, socketed up ready to go and communicating with the cheapest FTDI device china has to offer (which is really all you need to tune an LT1, you know)

Thank you to Mogielski and all the other supporters that have kept me motivated to keep working on this platform over the years even without having an LT1.

I plan on separating the flash tool from EEHack entirely and making a better one that will support other ECMs as well.

LT1 Ecm(s) wanted

Wanted: Dead, dying, or spare LT1 ecms for eehack development. Please email me (address in EEHack credits) if you have anything laying around…

Small bug in 4.9

The analyzer in 4.9 had a glitch related to the new size of the VE analyzer. 4.9.1 is on the download page and fixes that bug. Thanks to all that reported it

EEHack 4.9 Release!

Well it might not be perfect, but it’s better than what we had before (and it’s been AGES since I’ve released a new version) so here’s a fresh new official “somewhat stable” version of EEHack.

I really want to get it out there so I can start working on more dramatic features for the next version, and also prove that EEHack development is not dead.

I’d highly recommend updating to this new version for higher connection stability, better analysis, and better adapting to modern operating systems with different pixel densities and user interfaces.

Download it here: